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"The ball is round,
the playing field square, just like
the sky  and the earth.
The ball flies over us like the
sun, while the two teams face
each other."

Poem attributed to LI YU (136-50B.C)

As the above poem suggests, soccer, or football(as it ought to be called in the first place!) seems to have been in existence for many centuries. It is well known that the soldiers in Alexander's army played football to keep fit. Today, Football is the most popular sport on the face of the earth, and is played (officially) by 192 countries world-wide.  The World Cup that was held in France during June-July, 1998, was the biggest sporting event ever to have taken place.

The charm of football, is its simplicity. It is no surprise that people from all "classes" love this game. I think of football as a very simple game to play, but an extremely difficult game to master. I have been playing football for about 12 years now, and have played at junior national level for the Central schools, college and most recently, for Wipro when I was working there. I play in the position of a goalkeeper(the most thankless job in the world???.... just kidding! I love it)

I am, at present, coaching the local boys' and girls' soccer club, called the 'Crystal City Soccer Club' and am enjoying it a lot!.