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Keshava's Blog
Friday, 1 August 2008
My first blog!
Mood:  lazy

OK, so this is what a blog is about? I've read many. Some educating, some entertaining, some boring, and some emotional. Its funny, what technology does to you (and I work in a tech company!). I had neither any intention, nor any interest in blogging, myself. But technology has this way of enticing you, by making things easy - somewhat like credit cards.

 So, in trying to make some updates to my creaky old website - God knows, some updates were really overdue - I visited the homepage maintenance site. There I saw this "Create your blog" icon, and thought - why not?

At the moment, though, this is where I stand. Not writing from a "I have this to say" point of view, but rather just trying it out. Will - hopefully - be back, with more things to say!

- gsk in blr

(OK, that means me: G S Keshava, in Bangalore, or BLR)

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