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....something about me
I am a native of Bangalore, the Garden City of India. Since my father worked in the Ministry of Defence in India, I got to see a lot of beautiful places in India. After completing 5 years of study in the Sudarshan Vidya Mandir in Bangalore, I joined the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Jabalpur, and later studied in Nasik and finished my 12th standard from the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Malleshwaram, Bangalore. This was a most enjoyable period, during which I developed quite a few extra-curricular activities. To know more about what these are, please visit my "interests" page. I was lucky to have (also) done well in my studies, for that's what has helped me have a nice life since then.

I did my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, from the Karnataka Regional Engineering College(KREC), Surathkal, which (conveniently for ones like me) has been ranked one of the top Engineering colleges in India. KREC has now become one of the first National Institutes of Technology in India, and is known as the 'National Institute of Technology in Karnataka' (NITK). This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and after this, I strongly suggest that all people should try to study away from their home, staying in a hostel, for it teaches you a lot. Afterall, life is the BEST teacher!

I was recruited on-campus by Wipro and joined them at their office on the M.G Road in Bangalore. I worked on a very interesting project for GE - Electrical Distribution and control. Again, I learnt a lot of professionalism while on this project, for I had become one of the primary client-contacts in due course of time. I picked up the requisite technical skills I required for my software job.

I then moved to the US and worked for MCI, in the Pentagon City, VA. I was responsible for the quality of software changes to their order management system, and got my first taste of the "favourite industry" of the people in the United States - Telecom. I worked at MCI until the December of 1999 and then changed jobs... again!

Towards the end of (the much debated "end of", actually) the last century, I joined Bell Atlantic as software engineer. This was about the busiest team that I ever worked in. Going by the kind of job that we did, it was no surprise - we were responsible to support a core application in Bell Atlantic's expressTRAK project; a revolutionary billing and order management system that has helped the company re-align its Information Systems with its core strategies through effective customer service.

Then I joined my full-time MBA program at the University of Michigan Business School and graduated from the program in April 2002.

I then worked with the Allstate Insurance Corporation at their downtown office in Chicago, building rules to drive computation of insurance quotes and administration of policies.

In the January of 2003, I moved back to India, and in February, I joined a young and energetic company, MindTree Consulting. I worked with MindTree for about 5 years and a quarter, in a variety of roles including that of business analyst, IT strategy consultant, project manager, and finally in the corporate strategy team. Over the years, I developed a very strong bond with the company, and particularly enjoyed working with various members of the business analyst community. I got a rare chance to work as executive assistant to the Chairman, Mr. Ashok Soota, and consider myself extremely lucky in this regard. Here, I also came in close contact with Mr. Subroto Bagchi, who is also a well known author and speaker, and other co-founders and leaders, and learnt a lot from these associations. Unfortunately, circumstances prompted me to move on from MindTree.

In May 2008, I joined Infosys Technologies' Infrastructure Management Business in a Business Planning and Strategic Marketing role. Am learning to adapt to the new environment, after having had a long stint at MindTree!

Well, that has been my story for now... read on and visit the various sections of my eABODE. I hope you'll find it interesting! Hey!!! Wake up!You've got lots more to see.

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